NEW! Base Drops

NEW! Base Drops


Our NEW Direct-Dye Color! Available in:


So EXTREME it should be illegal!

WATERCOLORS Base Drops uses the latest direct-dye technology to create an extreme color that will blow your mind! It can be used to tone blondes, touch-up uneven or faded color, or it can be used to create an all-new hair color. The best part is that Base Drops are easy to use—and it only takes three minutes to do!

Just add Base Drops to your daily conditioner, and you’ll be stopping traffic in no time! You can also add it to styling aids & gels for a more contained concentration. Love WATERCOLORS Intense Shampoo? Add some Drops to it for a more intense color.

Want to learn more? We thought so!

Check out these videos that explain how simple it is to add Base Drops to your color process.

So Easy! Applying Watercolors Base Drops

Coloring with Watercolors Base Drops

Toning with Watercolors Base Drops